WAA.009/ 010

Judy Chicago; The Blackie, Liverpool; 12/10/81

Feminist artist and educator Judy Chicago discusses gender difference as expressed through communication modes. According to Chicago, gender inequality is pervasive throughout education, whereby women are not educated in teamwork. Chicago uses her art practice as a vehicle for learning support structures and non-authoritarian leadership - there were over 400 contributors to Chicago's famous work 'The Dinner Party'. Chicago talks about the lack of recognition her collaborators received for their efforts. This is - according to the artist - a result of women's disenfranchisement in society.

Chicago is a proponent of public funding in the arts and talks about the types of collection her work enters and the ramifications. At the time of the interview, public arts funding in America was half that of the British Arts Council proportionately to the population size.


Accession No. WAA.009/ 010
Artist: Judy Chicago
Container annotation: at the Blackie Liverpool, , Rec. Dinah Dossor
Place/Year: The Blackie, Liverpool 12/10/81
Type: Discussion
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