Leonore Tawney; The Banff Centre, Canada; 10/11/83

Artist Lenore Tawney gives a slide presentation of her work, after an extensive lecture on the different Mother Goddesses (Hellenic, Egyptian, Assyrian, Mayan, Celtic, Germanic, etc.) and their connected symbolism, which is a significant source of inspiration for her work. All the Great Mothers were weavers and spinners, and to weave also meant to perform a sacred action. Tawney goes on to present images of her various studios, neighborhood surroundings, and her work. With each slide, she gives the title of the work and sometimes the material and background. The sound of the slide projector clicking and fan blowing, with intermittent laughter, can be heard throughout.


Accession No. WAA.011
Artist: Leonore Tawney
Container annotation: Lecture on her own work inspired by the Mother Goddess images
Place/Year: The Banff Centre, Canada 10/11/83
Type: Slide Lecture
Technical aspects: Clear sound. Mono
Duration: 45'
Tape capacity: 90
Tape brand: TDK