Judith Williamson; ICA, London; 21/5/86

Agitated by the visual language of popular culture in 1970s Britain, film student Judith Williamson wrote urgently on the subject and subsequently had her dissertation published. Decoding Advertising became a seminal text for marketing and media studies students, as it effectively applied semiotic theory to images of everyday life. This recording was made whilst launching her second book in 1980; Consuming Passions (including essays, images of advertising and analysis of avant-garde film). Williamson is full of poetic and precise analysis that aims to get to the heart of what drives one's longing to consume. Objects at which we direct our desires operate as masks for a loss-of-self and a re-establishment of patriarchal culture in a post-feminist landscape. Instead of disregarding the majority of British society as moronic consumers, Williamson directs her venom at the invisible voices behind promotional material.


Accession No. WAA.023
Artist: Judith Williamson
Container annotation: Judith Williamson talks about her new book Consuming Passions
Place/Year: ICA, London 21/5/86
Type: Talk
Technical aspects: Very clear
Duration: 60'
Tape capacity: 60
Tape brand: Agfa