Anna Gronau and Marysia Lewandowska; Toronto; 12/4/88

Gronau and Lewandowska discuss their artistic practices and personal relationship to feminist theory, and how these positionings are shaped by experience and the cultural structures of their respective locations (Toronto and London).

Gronau talks about two projects: one semi-autobiographical film, 'Mary Mary', which at the time of the conversation she had been working on for around three years, exploring ideas of history through family and mythological references; the other, a collaboration with Carol Conde located in a Morgentaler private abortion clinic in Toronto. The social context of this project was the recent abolition in Canada of 'abortion committees'. Gronau and Conde were making drawings on the clinic walls of 'neutral imagery' made political by its relationship to the site.

The conversation moves on to non-mainstream sites of production and dissemination of art, including Canadian artist co-operatives such as The Funnel Experimental Film Theatre. They discuss the impact of government funding on the independence of such groups, and Lewandowska's use of alternative spaces such as disused buildings. They then discuss how feminist theory can provide a useful tool for making sense of personal experience but that it is not always sufficient, or entirely congruent with realities.


Accession No. WAA.004
Artist: Anna Gronau and Marysia Lewandowska
Container annotation: SIDE A: Anna Gronau
Place/Year: Toronto 12/4/88
Type: Private Conversation
Technical aspects: Very clear
Duration: 65'
Tape capacity: 90
Tape brand: TDK