WAA.040 A

Feminism and Criticism. What effects what?; Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto; 16-17/4/86

Feminist artwork is rooted to social reality, a reality which forces the art world to re-assess its values.

This recording charts women artist's participation in the art world and wider society, from the radical feminist to the social libertarian. Feminism is a multi directional and sometimes contradictory operation because of its numerous vernaculars.

The advent of the contraceptive pill is cited as a turning point in women's ability to stake power in society, what does it mean in particular for the arts? The economically precarious nature of freelance work (a common arrangement for artists) is an ongoing struggle for all including women as is a reliance on a unaccountable state grants system. Only today are we seeing the first generation of children being raised by parents who have lived through the sexual revolution, producing a generation who are more aware of their socialization process. This will inevitably result in more women gaining the confidence to participate in the cultural arena.


Accession No. WAA.040 A
Artist: Feminism and Criticism. What effects what?
Container annotation: TAPE 2 / SIDE A
Place/Year: Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto 16-17/4/86
Type: Conference
Technical aspects:
Duration: 60'
Tape capacity: 90
Tape brand: TDK