NEXT: TOMORROW Pavel Buchler, John Latham, Tony Benn, Liz Wells, Mark Wilcox; Cambridge Darkroom, Cambridge; 8/3/1986

The speakers discuss the photographic exhibition at the Kettles Yard and Cambridge Darkroom. The Cambridge Darkroom Gallery opened its doors for the first time on 20th January 1984. The specialist centre, dedicated to education and exhibition of Photography was run by Director Mark Lumley and Co-director Pavel Büchler. Büchler (now Professor at Manchester Met University and recent winner of the Northern Art Prize) contributed a unique graphic identity to the Darkroom's branding and publicity material, including beautiful catalogues.

At the time of this discussion, the Cambridge Darkroom was showing a retrospective of the work of Italian Photographer Mario Giacomelli (1925-2000). Guests include John Latham (1921-2006) who formed complex theories which united the disciplines of art and science, these theories; Event Structure and Flat Time were demonstrated through the immediacy of image production possible with a spray can. Photography as a medium can be thought of as simultaneously a science and an art.


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Artist: NEXT: TOMORROW Pavel Buchler, John Latham, Tony Benn, Liz Wells, Mark Wilcox
Container annotation: Discussion on the photographic exhibition at the Kettle's Yard and Cambridge Darkroom
Place/Year: Cambridge Darkroom, Cambridge 8/3/1986
Type: Discussion
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