Victor Burgin & Peter Wollen ; ICA London; 22/4/86

Artist and writer Victor Burgin talks about his work to eminent Marxian theorist Peter Wollen, on the occasion of a retrospective of his work at the ICA in London. Born in Sheffield, Burgin gained an international staging of his work as a member of the first generation of conceptual artists. His work was included in the now seminal show curated by Harald Szeemann; 'When Attitudes Became Form'(1969). The same year as his solo show at the ICA, Burgin was nominated for the Turner Prize, for his video and photographic work.

Wollen is most famous for his text Signs and Meaning in the Cinema (1969) which transformed the landscape of film theory and criticism. Wollen's strategy was to analyze media as a semiotic structure (as Saussure had previously broken down language) thereby allowing for a close reading of film, as a language of its own.


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Artist: Victor Burgin & Peter Wollen
Container annotation: Victor Burgin with Peter Wollen,
Place/Year: ICA London 22/4/86
Type: Discussion
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