Jane Weinstock and Marysia Lewandowska; Jane Weinstock's house. NYC; 1/5/88

Jane Weinstock is a film maker and writer. She studied at Princeton University, NYU (USA), Slade (UK), and the Paris Film Program (FR), and has proceeded to teach film and contemporary art at institutions including NYU, the University of California Los Angeles and Cal Arts. She curated Difference: On Representation and Sexuality that toured to various venues between 1984-6 including the New Museum in New York and the ICA, London.

This conversation takes place two years after her significant show and deals with issues of how the mediums of film and text can be structured in order to recognize the complexity of representation.

This exchange between Weinstock and Lewandowska sees them unpick and confront their own strategies for representation by considering their particular contexts. Language situates and reflects our relationship with the present moment. What is the point of access for the artist, writer, and audience? How can communication be reinvented by twisting the given conventions of language? How can history be referenced without becoming sentimental or repeating given tropes?


Accession No. WAA.050
Artist: Jane Weinstock and Marysia Lewandowska
Container annotation:
Place/Year: Jane Weinstock's house. NYC 1/5/88
Type: Private Conversation
Release status: CC BY-NC-SA
Technical aspects: Compressed (high and fast) towards end of tape
Duration: From beginning until 1:05 discussion between Weinstock and Lewandowska. 1:05 introduction by Weinstock. 1:23:40 Marysia artist talk, gets faster and higher till end of tape
Tape capacity: 90'
Tape brand: TDK