Lynne Tillman; Magadore Café, NYC; 29/4/88

Lynne Tillman is a New York based fiction writer and cultural commentator who has been prolific in publishing experimental literature for the past twenty years. She is Professor of English at University at Albany New York, fiction editor at FENCE Magazine and received the Guggenheim Fellowship in 2006.

After studying painting at Hunter College she began writing under the name 'Madame Realism' and emerged as a significant figure in 1980s avant-garde Manhattan.

In 2002 Tillman published 'This is not it: stories; twenty short stories in response to contemporary artists and American Genius', and most recently in 2006 'A Comedy', a novel narrated as a stream of consciousness.

Lewandowska is fascinated by artists networks and the position of prominent female figures across cultural fields. This is her starting point for the interview with Tillman, who was at a poignant point in her career.

The two women have an intimate discussion concerning the collision of their public and private lives. They are part of the first generation for which it is fairly common to negotiate autonomy within personal relationships as part of a context of feminist post-commitment culture.


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Artist: Lynne Tillman
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Place/Year: Magadore Café, NYC 29/4/88
Type: Private Conversation
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