Jenny Holzer (intro Iwona Blazwick); ICA, London; 1/12/88

Introduced by Iwona Blazwick, then curator at the ICA, New York based artist Jenny Holzer gave this talk at the ICA in London on the occasion of her solo show 'Jenny Holzer: Signs/Under a Rock'. A decade into her practice specialising in text, Holzer is at a critical moment of sharpening her use of public contexts. This strategy began with the use of simple street posters, and for this exhibition she had began to use electronics, for what she calls a more "big brother medium".

Both the medium of the poster and the electronic are utilised for advertising and Holzer's work references the language of advertising in its affirmative tone. The work of Holzer is part of a wider discourse during this period including Barbara Kruger, who also harks the audience as a consumer.

At the time of the exhibition Holzer was commissioned produce a project by the nascent Art Angel Trust. The project consisted of lithographed stickers which were distributed as inserts to accompany the December 1988 issue of The Face magazine, reflecting her imperative to be inventive in chosen strategies beyond the gallery space.


Accession No. WAA.053
Artist: Jenny Holzer (intro Iwona Blazwick)
Container annotation: In connection with show at ICA
Place/Year: ICA, London 1/12/88
Type: Artists Talk
Technical aspects: Very quiet
Duration: 01:04
Tape capacity: 90'
Tape brand: Sony