Griselda Pollock and Lubaina Himid; ICA, London; 21/1/88

This seminar at the ICA was instigated by Griselda Pollock who published 'Framing Feminism: Art & the Women's Movement 1970-85' the previous year. Pollock describes this book as part of an urgent project to document feminist histories. Her analysis, which makes use of psychoanalysis and post-structuralism, seeks to question the effectiveness of feminist activism in reaching the public realm. She argues that owning the means of documentation and knowledge dissemination in publishing is key to preventing feminism from being co-opted by a deeply patriarchal super structure.

Artist Lubaina Himid had recently exhibited 'New Robes for MaShulan' at Rochdale Art Gallery. Himid's work takes as its theme the position of black people within British culture. Although she engages with the issue of visibility and history which Pollock addresses in her thesis, Himid has many problems with the art historical perspective and confronts Pollock with the racial politics which seems to be absent from Pollock's discussion.


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Artist: Griselda Pollock and Lubaina Himid
Container annotation: Framing Feminism
Place/Year: ICA, London 21/1/88
Type: Seminar
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