Griselda Pollock and Lisa Tickner; AAH Conference, Brighton; 1986

Lisa Tickner and Griselda Pollock are part of the renowned first generation who took it upon themselves to reveal the gendered nature of art history. Here they sketch fields of mastery beyond and through gender, asking 'What is Feminist Art History?'

For this address Pollock unpicks the bourgeois definition of woman by looking back to the nineteenth century and the emergence of modernism. Her training was in History of European Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art where she was awarded a doctorate in 1980 for what later became a publication 'Vincent Van Gogh and Dutch Art: A reading of his notions of the modern'. She went on to collaborate with fellow feminist art historian Rozsika Parker who was at the time the art critic of Spare Rib magazine. Here Pollock discusses their influential book 'Old Mistresses, Women Art and Ideology' which was published in 1981. Pollock, together with another of her co-authors Fred Orton run the Centre for Cultural Analysis, Theory and History at Leeds University (UK).

Tickner completed her PhD in 1970 on the arts and crafts movement, however at the time of this lecture she was still to publish her first and hugely influential work 'The Spectacle of Women: imagery of the suffrage campaign 1907-1914' (1988). She looks at a later period than Pollock, specialising in the Edwardian construction of the feminine subject and the relationship between labour and style in craft. Tickner employs Foucault in her delineation of gender mastery. She identifies the moment as one of post-feminism and post-structuralism, arguing sexuality is also a male issue. Tickner has lectured at The National Gallery (UK), Yale Centre for British Art (USA), and across Europe. She is currently a Trustee of The Art Fund, Fellow of the British Academy and Visiting Professor at The Courtauld Institute (UK).



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Artist: Griselda Pollock and Lisa Tickner
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Place/Year: AAH Conference, Brighton 1986
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