Jenny Dennis and Carol Tudor ; Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, London; 16/11/85

As a member of Kiverton Park Women's Action Group, Davis relays the many positive results of the Miner's Strike. The level of consciousness and connectivity with global workers movements was life changing for individuals such as Davis. She discusses the sacrifices made in the name of politics, namely family.

Davis fundraised for the miner's cause and gained the support of gay pop group Bronski Beat. This created links with the gay and bi-sexual community enabling a break with the often conventional sexual politics in mining areas.

The second speaker is a woman's account of the Brixton Riots. Various recent demonstrations are described and peaceful tactics of demonstrators are emphasised in order to counter police brutality. The strategies that police use to oppress miners are linked to those used during the Brixton Riots.


Accession No. WAA.061
Artist: Jenny Dennis and Carol Tudor
Container annotation: Women Against Pit Closures, Brixton Riots, A Black Womans Account
Place/Year: Ritzy Cinema, Brixton, London 16/11/85
Type: Lecture
Technical aspects: Clear sound
Duration: 30:41:00
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