Jaques Derrida; ICA, London; 29/11/85

In this lecture Jacques Derrida (1930-2004) puts forward his position concerning the organising structures of pedagogy. In 1983 Derrida, alongside François Châtelet and Jean-Pierre Faye founded The Collège International de Philosophie in Paris as an alternative to the mainstream university system.

Derrida's aim is to re-appropriate philosophy as 'fundamental research'. Philosophy and the academy which hosts it are taken as theoretical objects to reveal their paradoxical characteristics. It is the responsibility of practitioners to displace and question models of pedagogy. According to Derrida, the university model is a hegemonic pyramid in which philosophy is held as the apex. The aim, Derrida argues, should be to engage in non goal-orientated research.

Although Derrida speaks here in the defence of philosophy, he argues this is an issue that affects other subjects such as medicine and cinema, where research is even more heavily linked to economic gain. National identity and idioms must be acknowledged, however ultimately the philosopher's aim is for a truly international college within which no one language is privileged.


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Place/Year: ICA, London 29/11/85
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