Sheila Rowbotham; Maidstone College of Art, Kent; 9/12/85

Sheila Rowbotham is a British socialist and feminist theorist who has taught and advised internationally on the topic of women's labour relations. She consulted for the United Nations University and is Professor of Gender and Labour History in the Sociology department at the University of Manchester.

Early in her career Rowbotham took the position that the cultural representation of gender must be negotiated, as well as subject to empirical economic analysis. Her re-writing of left politics argued for the acknowledgement of women's private and public role in which they perform the required labour of maternity. Most recently Rowbotham published a biography of the anthropologist, poet and activist Edward Carpenter, titled Edward Carpenter: A Life of Liberty and Love (2008).

The emphasis of this lecture is on the 1970s women's movement and its relation to literature, history and economics rather than visual art.


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Artist: Sheila Rowbotham
Container annotation: Lecture on womens movement in '70s
Place/Year: Maidstone College of Art, Kent 9/12/85
Type: Lecture
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