Mari Mahr; Photographers Gallery, London; 1/3/89

Photographer Mari Mahr was born in Chile and brought up in Hungary, eventually settling in the UK in 1973 and studying at The Royal College of Art. She begins by describing her education and entrance into the competitive field of Photography.

Working mainly in black and white, the images Mahr produces reference the multiplicities of national identity, from the 'magic realism' of Latin America to communist Hungary. These complex narratives are told through fragments of documents, collaged with trinkets. These works allude to the primacy of memory in the construction of identity. The biographical nature of her practice sees the artist reference her mother, grandmother and daughter. Family acts as a secure psychological home despite its diaspora.


Accession No. WAA.073
Artist: Mari Mahr
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Place/Year: Photographers Gallery, London 1/3/89
Type: Artists Talk
Release status: CC BY-NC-SA
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Duration: 01:18:21
Tape capacity: 90'
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