David Bachelor, Mary Anne Francis and Monica Ross; Cabot Hall, Canary Wharf; 7/4/92

The Discretion exhibition included artists Catherine Yass, Rachel Evans, Caroline Russell and Monica Ross. It took art and business as its theme, whilst also having business as its sponsor.

Artist and writer David Bachelor introduces the discussion title; 'The implications of art practice operating in relation to corporate culture' at Canary Wharf, London. He opens by questioning the context of the Docklands; "Can good art come out of such a bad place? If the Docklands disappeared would art have to be rethought?"

Artist, writer and educator Mary Anne Francis presents a paper on art and corporate space. She surveys the way institutional critique enables practices such as Hans Haacke's to be rethought, in the light of his relationship with business, as it poses questions of the influence of sponsorship and the commissioning of art.

She also contextualises Discretion among a wider group of similar exhibitions such as Modern Medicine at the Tower Bridge Business Centre, and others in Butler's Wharf and Tobacco Dock.

What is quality of the resulting exhibitions? Is there a sense of compromise? Does sponsorship mean censorship?


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Artist: David Bachelor, Mary Anne Francis and Monica Ross
Container annotation: Discretion seminar
Place/Year: Cabot Hall, Canary Wharf 7/4/92
Type: Seminar
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