Jo Spence; Unknown location; 1992

Recording donated to WAA in 2010 by Terry Dennett, curator of Jo Spence Memorial Archive Dennett@gmx.net

The audio is taken from a video interview Jo agreed to give to students as background to their thesis work. Lead interviewer Claire Fletcher. Recorded early 1992 - a few months before Jo's death from leukaemia. The interview coincided with a period when Jo suddenly felt well again and thought her treatment was working. She had a relapse shortly after this interview so this is the last public recording she made.


Accession No. WAA.078
Artist: Jo Spence
Container annotation: n/a
Place/Year: Unknown location 1992
Type: donation from Terry Dennett
Release status: CC BY-NC-SA
Technical aspects: n/a
Duration: 00:13:49
Tape capacity: n/a
Tape brand: n/a

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