Lynne Walker; Brighton; 6/4/86

Historian Lynne Walker gave a public account to Feminist Architectural history in a show she curated for RIBA in 1984 entitled; Women Architects: Their Work. For the catalogue Walker contributed a chapter specialising in 'British women in architecture, 1671-1951.

In this talk Walker introduces Feminist Architecture and the pervasive gender inequality throughout history and still today. In 1986 less than 2,000 women architects were operating in the UK, 93% of the industry being male, white and middle class.

For further reading on this subject refer to Gender, space architecture: an interdisciplinary introduction, Edited by Jane Rendell, Barbara Penner and Iain Borden which includes an essay by Lynne Walker.


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Accession No. WAA.049
Artist: Lynne Walker
Container annotation: Women and architecture workshop
Place/Year: Brighton 6/4/86
Type: Conference
Technical aspects:
Duration: 51:00:00
Tape capacity: 90
Tape brand: Agfa